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About us

The You regulate website is an actively moderated website focusing on medical devices Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Standards topics with exchange of scientific and regulatory compliance information between people from all over the world. 

Ideas and contributions will enable others to better understand and use the regulatory process. This will help keeping the standards high and also benefit the contributors and their companies

It shall be the center of worldwide regulatory information and set standards in the industry and here you will get the information to enable your daily work in the regulatory field.


We always that a single place where the regulatory community could share and find solutions for the regulatory compliance ensuring better health for the patient was missing.

Of course, we understand that nothing is for free and currently MDSS GmbH supports these efforts, not only monetary, but also with the initial information. However, this site relies on the regulatory community and your feedback and participation will make this site what we have it envisioned it to be.

Ludger Moeller | MDSS GmbH President

The following areas are already provided or will be provided soon:

1. You will be able to leave your question on the Q&A board and hopefully someone else has a similar problem and will provide the answer. Areas of concerns shall be established according to the needs.

2. You will be able to upload your own information you would like to share (any document like for example improved audit checklists or on how to create a technical file) and receive comments on your solutions in order to improve it.

3. Most certainly, if you depend on your knowledge for your income (consultants and service providers) and you would like to share this knowledge, we provide an area that enables you to sell your knowledge right here. Please contact us for more details.

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