Manufacturers should be prepared for delays and may act now to build up stock in the UK!

With this News & Views, MDSS GmbH would like to inform you about a topic that usually concerns us less. However, if manufacturers are better prepared for Brexit in all respects, MDSS GmbH can support them with the UK REP service.

On November 17, 2020, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Chief Commercial Officer wrote to medicines and medical product suppliers, supply chain and businesses.

Steve Oldfield, Chief Commercial Officer of the DHSC outlines that there is a high concern from the UK government of medical supply in the UK due to the new Brexit border control. The outcome of the negotiation with the EU may be that we will not have an agreement on December 31, 2020 at 11pm. There will be new border controls in place, which may cause disruption for the supply of products. Therefore, consider to stock products with your distributor in the UK to secure supply for the first couple of weeks after the Brexit is settled.

“3. Buffer stocks of medical supplies where possible

We continue to encourage companies to make stockpiling a key part of contingency plans and ask industry, where possible, to stockpile to a target level of 6 weeks’ total stock on UK soil. DHSC stands ready to support companies with their plans and understands that a flexible approach to preparedness may be required – that considers a mixture of stockpiling and rerouting plans as necessary.


The letter also points out that UK manufacturers/distributors may have problems shipping products to the EU. However, we assume that manufacturers from third countries should not be affected unless they supply the EU market through the UK.

Please see the whole communication from the UK Government here.